Tzeentch, the Changer of the Ways, is one of the four Great Powers of Chaos and represents the vitality and volatility of change. His sacred number is 9.

Tzeentch is closely associated with sorcery and magic, as well as dynamic mutation, and grand, convoluted schemes. It is said that Tzeentch knows the fate of everything, and all events transpire according to some great plan beyond mortal reckoning. The mortal champions of Tzeentch are especially dangerous, as they wield awesome sorcerous power on top of their considerable physical prowess.

All Chaos Gods derive their power from essential and driving aspects of mortal nature. In Tzeentch’s case, this is the will and desire for change. The desire to accumulate forbidden lore, change and manipulate our surroundings, as well as intrigue, evolution, and sorcery; these are the tools used to enact change, benevolent or malevolent. Through subtle manipulation and the use of sorcery, Tzeentch’s followers further the aims of their patron. His diametric opposition is Nurgle. Where Tzeentch’s power is derived from the will to change and to forge one’s destiny, Nurgle’s comes from the defiance of despair and the inevitable decay of all things.

Tzeentch is often visualised as the serpent that writhes and twists to represent constant change, or as a large bird with feathers of everchanging colour.

Mortal followers

Many worshippers of Tzeentch are sorcerers, who are also among the most ambitious and the most hungry for power. Scholars and other educated elites who desire unearthly knowledge and power are often drawn to the service of Tzeentch. The cults of Tzeentch are easily the widespread and firmly established of all the Chaos cults in The Empire, and all are devoted to its subversion and overthrow. One of the largest of these cults is the Purple Hand. His worship elsewhere is widespread and found in far Cathay.

Northmen warriors in the northern Chaos Wastes tend to wear elaborate mask helmets that conceal their faces to their opponents and are renowned schemers amongst the other people of the northern tribes. All Champions of Tzeench become at least powerful wizards, that learn to use the Winds of Magic.

Beastmen that are dedicated to Tzeentch are also not unknown, and his special breed of Bestigors are called Tzaangors.


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