The Kurgan are one of the tribal peoples known as Northmen who inhabit the Chaos Wastes.

The Kurgan’s territories cover a vast swathe of the Northern Chaos Wastes, which surrounds the Realm of Chaos at the northern polar region.

The Kurgan live in nomadic tribes, traveling with their families and livestock, their wandering directed by their chieftains and the whims of their Chaos gods. Their territories are wherever they find themselves.

Kurgans are almost without exception horse tribes. Some tribes travel with wagons to carry tents and altars. Those few tribes who do not travel by mount wander by foot, or for some reason have chosen to permanently settle an area.

The Kurgan are divided into numerous tribes, some more savage and ferocious than others. The tribes further to the north and closer to the Realm of Chaos are the most ferocious and barbarous, and the most devoted followers of Chaos. The Dolgans, one of more southern Kurgan tribes, had once lived in relative peace with the Ungols of Kislev. Today they have become less ambiguous, and now form together under Zars in imitation of the Tzars of Kislev. Their attacks have been growing more powerful as more of the bands come together and it is becoming harder to push them back, even though their attacks usually only last for one season.

Despite the popular beliefs, Kurgan are a deeply spiritual folk. They see the work of their gods in everything, as they are the ones that keep the world in its natural state: being one of constant change and perpetual flux. To them, everything is in the process of becoming. Thus, mutation is not viewed as an affliction but rather an evolution of divine will made manifest in the flesh, and certainly a blessing from the gods. Since the body is the physical expression of divine will, Kurgan place special emphasis on strength and mastery of the physical form.

The universal value of Kurgan is strength. They are a people of hardened warriors. Courage, skill and brawn are their celebrated traits. Besides a cultural trait, this is also a religious duty, as they believe that war brings the greatest change of them all: Death.

When not waging war, the Kurgan serve their tribes as hunters, hunting wild antelopes and cattle while still honing their combat skills in the process


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